Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Will Black People of Faith vote Hillary? I WONT

The Democratic Party is in danger of losing a coalition partner that has been among it's most loyal if it nominates Hillary Clinton. Her surrogates have injected race into this contest in a very negative fashion with Geraldine Ferraro, and more recently Bob Johnson, and now she re-iterates to Black Americans of faith how she really feels.

Hillary Clinton has now said twice she will not go to my Church. She tells me you can’t pick your relatives, but you can pick your pastor. Ok, so who is did Hillary pick to let America know for the first time that this was how she felt? Was it a sympathetic media source? No, Richard stinking Mellon Scaife.

Some of this guys greatest hits though involve Hillary. Remember when the right wing was screaming about how Hillary had Vince Foster’s head blown off? Remember the vast right wing conspiracy that President Clinton accused of trying to destroy his presidency? THIS DUDE WAS THE MONEY MAN AND THE MOUTH PIECE OF IT.

So why does Hillary submit to a private interview with Mellon Scaife and his minions of doom? Why was this the media outlet? How was this guy the right person to share her message regarding the Rev. Wright? It’s because she is working with these people. Hillary seeks to represent their audience.

So, now during this last travesty and hatchet job of a debate She takes the opportunity to let us know again that she would stroll on us, but at least this time she let us know which sermon was so offensive. If there is anyone out there who has not heard for themselves Rev. Wright's 9/11 sermon past the poisoned sound bites in it’s entirety please go to YouTube right now and do so.

Tell me then what was in that message that was at all anti-American, or even not in keeping with the ideals of the Democratic Party. Where exactly is she walking out! The Rev. Wright did not "blame America for 911". He illustrated how American policy as practiced by NeoCons could cause enough hatred in others that they would attack us. He further warned that if we should take our revenge against innocents we would be on the wrong side of God.

I wonder if the Democratic Party is so dense as to think Black Americans of faith do not note Hillary's behavior here. She told the 8000 members of the RELATIVELY CONSERVATIVE Trinity Church of Christ that she would walk out of their Church, their family and community. No, NO! Hillary we are not a community to be pandered to and then thrown under the bus with the political winds. Why was the Rev. Wright alright when Bill got caught with his DNA on another ladies dress.

I have no doubt Hillary would leave her church and the place that introduced her to Jesus because it is abundantly clear that there is no belief, no ethic, no moral, or important relationship she would not gladly sacrifice in order to further her own naked ambition.

Hillary is a political succubus. She will suck the energy and will from this party until we are broken and defeated. As a Black American I would never vote for her, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

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