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Attorney Alleges Police Cover-up in the Execution of 7 Year Old Aiyana Jones Updated W/Video

On Sunday May 16th elements of the Detroit Police force were investigating a murder suspect for the cameras of the A&E reality show The First 48. As a result of that there does exist video tape of the burning and murder of a beautiful little girl who’s name was Aiyana Jones.

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger has been hired by the family and has seen the video tape of the incident, and reports mass police fabrications in their account of the incident appearing this morning on WJR-AM 760 with host Paul W. Smith.


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Police were made aware of the fact that there were children in the home. Another resident who was walking his dog informed them of the fact, but like so many times when the police invade the neighborhood of non white people Gestapo tactics and not community service is the order of the day.

"It's worse than that," Fieger said. "It shows this in the video. There's a gentleman by the name of Mr. Robinson who lives in the home. He was out walking his dogs when they arrived. They took him and threw him to the ground and stood on his neck. He said, 'There are children living in the home. There are children in the home.' And just after that they walk up on the porch and throw an incendiary grenade into it. So it's worse than even you know."

The police were sent there to serve a no knock warrant and preceded their home invasion by lobbing a flash grenade into a home of sleeping people. Before having her life extinguished poor Aiyana most likely suffered severe burns.

In the wake of the shooting, Aiyana's father told the Detroit Free Press the flash grenade landed on the couch where Aiyana was sleeping, possibly burning her before she was shot. Fieger, who has met with the family, suggested that account was accurate

The Detroit Police made it a big point to paint the residents of the home somehow responsible for the death of their baby. They said that the child’s grandmother Mertilla Jones had participated in an altercation with police and that it was somehow as a result of that altercation a bullet was oopsadentally discharged into the neck of the Aiyana, however according to Attorney Fieger who has seen the tape this is just another of a long string of police lies.

Hours after the shooting, The Detroit News quoted Godbee as saying that the officer encountered Aiyana's grandmother after entering the home, "and at some point a struggle ensued, and the officer's weapon discharged." Godbee said he was misquoted, and clarified at Monday's press conference that "some level of physical contact" took place but would not speculate on its nature.

Neither account is accurate, according to Fieger. "The little girl is taken out like a rag doll seconds afterward. They saw what they'd done. There's no confrontation with the grandmother. None. Zero. That's a complete and utter falshood." Instead, Fieger suggested officers tried to "falsely frame" the grandmother, who reportedly spent more than 12 hours in police custody. "This is a real serious problem. We had police officers willing to take a grandmother into custody after her granddaughter had been shot to death and they were going to try to blame it on her."

Isn't that special? Get your grandchild executed go into custody. They are spreading the Professor Gates treatment to Michighan, except the crime of being Black at home has expanded to being Black at home and getting your grandchild barbecued and shot. Oh and that little story about the gun having discharged as a result of a struggle? As my sainted own Grandmother might say. “they’s a lying sack of shit”. Those police officers pulled triggers on purpose.

"The incendiary device goes in and less than a second, maybe half a second, the shot is taken" as the officer stood on the porch, he said. "There's two possibilities after viewing the video: I think that they were either shooting what they thought was a dog, because they had brought a lot of dogs with them, or they were shooting blindly into the house."

For more "tragedy" did we mention that the police had a warrant for the wrong house? That’s right they had a warrant for Aiyana’s house, but the SUSPECT did not live there he lived in an upstairs apartment. The police did not arrive on the scene with a warrant for the correct residence. They secured that and arrested the SUSPECT after they had blown up Aiyana with a flash grenade and shot her in the neck.

"In the video they break into both the upstairs flat and the downstairs flat. The problem is they don't have a warrant for the upstairs. (Godbee) didn't tell you when he got the second search warrant. After Aiyana was killed and after he broke into the upstairs apartment and arrested (the suspect)."

link to Attorney Fieger's interview

The police have the absolute authority to execute judicially approved search and arrest warrants, but that’s what they are search or arrest, not death warrants. The fact that there was a SUSPECT in the area does not give the police carte blanche to treat all the inhabitants of the area as if they are convicted killers. There is a reason for this kind of behavior, and that’s because they were making television. I posit the presence of the A&E cameras caused these officers to act in an even more dramatic way with their explosives and shoot first attitudes because they wanted to make a good show.

"The gun was fired before anyone goes through the door. There are lights all over, like it's a television set."

Huffpo link to the story

The people in command of the Detroit Police who allowed their murder investigation to turn into a made for TV show have to lose their jobs. The police officers who lied about what happened on that night need to lose their jobs and go to jail. The police officer who threw the grenade into the house needs to lose his job and go to jail. The police officer who fired the shots from outside an inhabited home needs to go to jail.

Michighan Governor Jennifer Granholm said today

"We need to find out the answers" as to what happened, Granholm said. "Remedial actions need to be taken with respect to policies so that that doesn't happen again."

"There's nothing you can do to remedy the harm that was inflicted on that family and certainly that child," she added. "It's a terrible, terrible situation."

link to Granholms statement

You ain't never lied lady.

Update: 1:38 PST

There seems to be a great deal of controversy surrounding my use of the word execution in the title. To that I respond

ex•e•cu•tion[ èksə kysh'n ]To hear the pronunciation, install Silverlightex•e•cu•tions Plural

1. killing: the killing of somebody as part of a legal or extralegal process Synonyms: putting to death, capital punishment, the death sentence, killing, slaying

The Bing Definition of Execution

No where in this definition does intent come into play. I call this an execution because the events surrounding the death of Aiyana were built in lies, and the performance of the police not at all acceptable in a civilized society. They attacked a home with an explosive device, fired from the outside into an occupied dwelling killing a 7 year old girl. The police then lied about the circumstances of her death. I can damn sure call her killing an execution if I want to.

Update 3:44 PM

Here is the newsconference given by Attorney Fieger. I believe him. I believe the family and again to all those who feel the term "execution" far to hyperbolic, how about I sustitute slaughter.

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