Thursday, August 26, 2010

Racism = (Bigotry + Prejudice) x POWER

Hey friends aren’t we having fun now? We’re beginning to have a bona fide discussion on race. Now one of the problems I think we as a society and community are wrestling with is no one seems to be able to agree on a real good definition of what is racism. So, I’d like to propose one explain my reasoning, and see what everybody thinks about it.

Ok, I know i'm messing with the dictionary definitions of these words a bit, but bear with me and let’s start with bigotry. A bigot is a person who holds an idea that is in direct opposition to the facts. Bigotry and bigots are evil things. They bury their heads in ignorance and relish the view of the worms down there. There are bigots of all races and creeds. They are the Black man who thinks White people are the devil. They are the White ones who don’t think others have the “necessities” and on down the line of misconception that all people are burdened with.

Then we have our old friend prejudice. An important component as it is the announcement of preference. I prefer red licorice to black, I think the NFC is superior to the AFC, I like curly haired women as opposed to straight hair, I just don’t like X people. Not necessarily bad in operation it’s ok to like red licorice, It’s ok to prefer blondes, however when tied with bigotry I don’t like white people because they are the devil becomes a menace.

Now we come to the crux of the matter
. It’s the issue and the base of the lie that has been told to people who should be allies since Europeans first settled our shores. A lot of people seemed to be confused when non-white people say only representatives of the White power structure can be racist. Often times you’ll here the refrain “well racism is a 2 way street”, however it is not. Power is the component that separates the prejudiced bigot from the racist and helps understand how we have been divided for conquest.

So how would my definition work in operation? This man is a prejudiced bigot.


He was told that black people weren’t as smart or as capable as he, and he believed it. Why isn’t he a racist? His power component is near zero if not zero and if I recall my mathematics correctly anytime you multiply something by zero it becomes zero.

For illustration purposes alone, these two men whipped up on a white person on a bus are they racist?


No they are not again for the same reason. They are bigoted prejuidiced thugs for attacking a white person on a bus.

How about this guy?


That’s the mouth from the south Jeff Sessions. When he says the only thing wrong with the KKK is that they smoke weed it brings way more punch considering he actually has the POWER to do something about it.

So there you have it an admittedly nuanced view of what racism is (bigotry + prejudice) x power, but hey we do nuance. What do you think?

Update: Thanks to the mathmaticians around here I think i've corrected the formula as to not make them throw up their hands at my previous math instructors.

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