Thursday, August 26, 2010

Duke Tully and John McCain and Military Stories

Not long after John McCain left his first family and married Cindy her father introduced him to Duke Tully. Duke Tully was the very powerful publisher of the Arizona Republic newspapers and instrumental in establishing John McCain as a carpet bagging freshman Congressman from Arizona.

Duke was essential in establishing John McCain’s POW mythology, and was nearly instrumental in helping McCain win election to congress. With McCains most recent desire to excuse all of his actions to his POW status, including today’s lulu that he only had one home while a prisoner in Vietnam I thought it might be illustrative to explore where he got it from.

Tully had logged many hours in Air Force simulators learning how to fly F-16s. He bragged about a simulated dogfight he had with McCain on the Goldwater gunnery range in southwest Arizona.

"Duke said he had gotten John in his sights and shot him down," recalls Bill Shover, a former Phoenix Newspapers Inc. executive. "John couldn't maneuver very well because of his (formerly) broken arm."

Tully helped McCain in his first bid for congress and groomed him for higher office. Shover characterized Tully as McCain's PR man, hosting dinners to introduce him to the Valley's movers and shakers. McCain wrote guest columns for The Republic. In one of them, McCain gave a sentimental account of Christmas in Hanoi. Tully became godfather to one of McCain's children.

Walter Mitty to be sure. All of Tully's war stories were pure fiction. McCain, like everyone else, had been fooled.

Tully invented his military history to live up to the expectations of his father, whose other son had been killed in a military training accident.

Now talk about your associations. What does it say about John McCain that the person who created his POW mythology is a fraud? I say it means that it is time to question all of his POW mythology. If he is indeed to use his experience as a shield let us test if it has any strength

Update: The origianl story source for this came from a not so attractive place I have switched it out with another more reputable one.

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