Thursday, August 26, 2010

B1 Bob Dornan isn't afraid to question McCains POW mythology, why are we?

John McCain has made his experience as a POW the bedrock of his entire political career. Lately he has turned into a noun a verb and POW. During the latest discussion at Saddleback Church McCain made it a point to recount his POW days as his talisman of faith, it was also where he learned to love his country, and the basis of many of his admirable stories and traits. Integral in this story and his POW mythology is the fact that he refused early repatriation to the United States in 1967.

Bob Dornan is an arch conservative. He very well may be to the right of Newt Gingrich. Back in the day as a student at USC he was a hero of the campus, and the symbol of all that was wrong and Reagan to me. However, he was to me always an honest adversary.

In the video below produced by Vietnam Veterans against John McCain he outlines a very interesting reason as to why John McCain didn’t come home when given the opportunity. It is his position that McCain made propaganda broadcasts for the North Vietnamese and traded on his military celebrity as an admiral’s son. The people who were released in 1967 were called “the slippery the slimes’ and the sleazes” He contends that if Admiral John S. McCain II's son had come home under such circomstances it would have been the end of his life in the Navy, and made it impossible for him to have the kind of life and power he now enjoys.

John McCain has fought tooth and nail against the Vietnam POW/MIA movement, and any official examination of his POW experience. America doesn’t do well with guilt and one of the things I think we feel guilty about was how we treated Vietnam veterans. As a result we are to busy thanking and honoring the service of all who went without applying any metric as to whether their service was worthy of thanks or honorable. John McCain deserves to have his stories examined, and his records unsealed. If he be a hero let us proclaim it, but if it turns out to be true that his experiences were not as glorious as we are being sold let us know deal with that as well.

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