Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oklahoma State Trooper vs. EMT W/Videos

On May 24th an Oklahoma State Trooper pulled over a paramedic ambulance transporting a patient to the hospital for “failure to yield”. I have seen many instances of police misconduct, I’ve even been involved in some, but this incident really takes the cake. I thought the incident with Ryan Moats was bad, but this takes it to a whole other level.

I’ve transcribed the conversation from the police dashboard camera as well as I could.

2:07 of the video

Officer: Now! Here Now!
EMT: Oh, its you now whats goin on?
Officer: I’m talking to the driver
EMT: No, no I’m the medic and I’m talking to you
Officer: You better get back in that ambulance I’m talking to the driver
EMT: I’m in charge of this unit sir my name is Maurice White I’m an (unintelligible) paramedic.
Officer: I’m going to give you a ticket for failure to yield, and when I go by you saying whats going on you don’t need to be giving me no hand gestures now I ain’t gonna put up with that shit! You understand me!

Ok so there is the offense that may have cost this lady’s life in delay in getting to the hospital. The police officer rolled up next to the paramedic ambulance asked what was happening and was unhappy that the driver was unable to give him an explanation with his hands that satisfied him. The gesture the cop makes is putting his thumb behind as if the ambulance driver suggested the police officer fall in behind the ambulance.

EMT: And I won’t put up with you talking to my driver like that.

Great Caesars balls! What a mistake. Every Black man in America knows the police can talk to you any freaking way they want. What was this man thinking?

Officer: I ain’t listened to you buddy. You get your ass back in that ambulance or I’ll take you in! I’m talking to the driver.
EMT: Take me in if you would.
Officer: Come over here Hoss.
Driver: We have a patient
EMT: no we have a patient, we have a patient in this unit right now.
Officer: You want to go ahead and pull over to the side of the road when there is an emergency vehicle behind you.
EMT: You were gaining on us you ran up on us too quickly
Officer: I did not run up on you quickly buddy.
EMT: Yes you did
Officer: You better get back in that ambulance before you get your butt to jail now you understand me!

Hey aren’t ambulances emergency vehicles?

EMT: We’re going to take our patient to the hospital, you can take me to jail, we’ll discuss this okay?
Officer: We’ll discuss this come here Paul
EMT: No No, I’ve got a patient in
Officer: Get your ass

Now the officer is feeling a little of what Stanley Kubric called the ultra-violence he gives no commands, but decides instead to begin assaulting the paramedic.

EMT: You are assaulting a paramedic

He says it several times as the officer assaults him. In my humble opinion the paramedic was risking his life. He actually puts his hands up to fend off the assault. That’s a death sentence with many police officers, and if not a death sentence, it’s an open invitation to go see an orthopedic soon.

By this time the victims family who had been apparently following the ambulance roll up. One of them begins screaming that his wife is in the ambulance. You have to have great empathy for what that must feel like. You are riding behind the ambulance and it gets stopped essentially for DWB (in this case Native American) and lack of respect. As your loved ones life may be ebbing away the police officer goes on an authority trip, how do you keep your cool?

Victims Husband: My wife is in this car! My wife is in this truck! Somebody call the Police!
Officer to EMT: Turn around now! Turn around now!
EMT: You can arrest me if want to arrest me follow me to the Hospital!
Victims Husband: Just let em go to the hospital man that’s all we’re asking!

Things seem to break up, as you hear the victim’s husband repeatedly bet to take my wife to the hospital. Thank the lord on high for cell phone videos. As one of the bystanders shows they can be evidence if not life saver.

Victims Husband: Just take my wife to the hospital. Just take my wife to the Hospital.

Well now it appears the officer isn’t breaking up the party, he’s inviting more police to it. Says to his dispatch he has an ambulance just surrounded with people and to get over here. He tells them code 3 which means bust over there lights and sirens emergency, then he gets back out of his car and says to the EMT.

Officer: No you can’t go right now, get over here you’re not running through. Come here Paul, Sir I’m going to have to ask you to step back.
Victims Husband: Hey that is my wife she needs to be at the hospital! She don’t need to be in this!
Officer: I understand that if he wouldn’t have come out here starting something we could have been on the way 5 minutes ago now partner step back!

Now ain’t that just a bitch. Hello your loved one is dying in the back of the ambulance but if this EMT hadn’t dared questioned me or my authority 1/10th of the magic hour wouldn’t have been wasted.

Officer: Look Paul I want to do is go over here and talk to you about it. Alright I didn’t need you manager or whoever it is in the back or the paramedic to get out and start objecting ok? You understand? you’re going to jail.
Driver: Me?
Officer: Yeah you don’t jump out and talk to the state trooper like that! You understand me! I don’t care who you are you aren’t running code you aren’t running an emergency ok. Alright I didn’t just get out behind you and tailgate you ive been running hot trying to help the county you understand me.
Officer: Ma’am we are going get you onto the hospital ok? Hey you’re going to jail do you understand me you are under arrest, you are under arrest turn around! Turn around!
EMT: I’d also like to press charges for assault.

Man that brother sure doesn’t learn. He gets to drink again from that cool refreshing glass of whooped ass. And then inexplicably they let him go.

The Muscogee Creek Nation oversees the ambulance crew and said they're waiting to see what unfolds from the DA's office. The EMT was never arrested. Meanwhile, OHP officials said the matter is under administrative investigation.

Both the EMTs are back at work. As for the woman in the ambulance, she was on the way to the hospital for heat exhaustion. She is expected to be okay.,0,1870230.story

Here is that videographers view.

Update: As pointed out in comments if you are curious why the action doesn't start until 2:07 of the video, it's because he was responding to another incident. He pulls in and I suppose decides that stopping and ambulance is more important than whatever attracted his fellows, and pulls out to chase it again. HT to the Rational Hatter.

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