Thursday, August 12, 2010

Protest Fox August 28th!

Some Q&A about the protest on August 28th

Why are you protesting all of Fox on August 28th starting at 10:00 am to 1 pm Fox Television Center 1999 South Bundy Drive LA, CA 90025 and not just Fox News?

My answer is that I recognize the corporate structure as one where all its edifices deliver their profits to the whole. I recognize that whole as led by Rupert Murdoch who believes he owns the sky and News Corp. I don’t think he should be allowed to have any happy face companies. I would like to hold him accountable and if he had a string of Chuck E. Cheese restaurants I’d want to protest them too.

Why Fox August 28th?

That’s the day Glenn Beck has called for patriots to stand up and express their vision of America. He intends on channeling the legacy of Martin Luther King and this may be the first time I’ve ever agreed with him. I think it would be a fantastic idea to stand with King against a divisive force. The day has good mojo to do it.

What is the goal?

My goal is to stand with a sign and a bullhorn if I can chase one up, and very peacefully and gently (as the maniac I am can) state that I’m tired of the hatred fear division and lies that are being broadcast by their Fox News arms, and I’d like them to stop.

Will it be organized?

If by organized anyone is thinking there will be food and drink and pre-made signs the answer is no. I’m going to bring a couple of buckets of chicken for my little crew and if there is any left over anybody is welcome, but you should bring your own supplies.

Will any violent or hateful signs actions or imagery be tolerated?

No it will not be tolerated and if you feel the need to express yourself in that manner please pick another day. We are channeling Martin Luther King here and his power and the power of the movement was peace. I’m not expecting any drama at all, but drama on our side is not welcome.

Will you get all the permits etc. you might need?

I’m looking at the legal ramifications now, and any help the legal eagles of this site can grant I’d certainly appreciate it.

Are you the leader of this movement and can I get involved?

No and yes. I don’t know if anyone will show up I will. I got a taste for this kind of thing back in the primaries when someone put out a call to go protest the ABC studios over a pledge pin. My wife and I had a ball down there and it’s one of my favorite diaries. It’s the video I posted along with this piece. If anyone would like to further organize get involved in their city I have set up a Facebook group Protest Fox August 28th group that can serve as a meeting and organizing spot here. My answer is please get involved and please do everything you want.

If there are any other questions I haven’t thought of please ask them. Otherwise I’ll see anyone who comes there.

Namaste friends!

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