Thursday, August 26, 2010

Athletes of Social Consciousness Please Freeze Fox Sports

As opening day of another pro football season approaches I’d like to call on all athletes with a hint of progressivism and especially if you are of color to treat Fox Sports with the cold shoulder as if they are running 24/7 specials that you suck.

I understand that professional athletes are contractually bound to speak to reporters, but they know how to express their displeasure with a writer or an organization that doesn’t have any love for them and I call on them to do it for all the people representing the Fox Empire.

Fox has made the business decision to be the voice of the Republican Party and is stoking fear and hatred and actively targeting members and especially members of color of the Obama administration. I feel the entirety of the Fox media empire should suffer the consequences of the actions of its political arm. I hope you agree they should bear the full consequences of their decision across their business units.

As for myself I bid goodbye Wall Street Journal, NFC, The Simpsons, and Good Day LA. I will no longer watch any program on any Fox subsidiary nor will I read their newspapers. I’m fairly confident there will be lists of sponsors produced of those organizations that support racism in reporting through their support of Fox a division of Republicorp a wholly owned subsidiary of Asshole Industries and I will be sure to stop doing business with them as well.

The people at Fox represent an organization that shows open animosity to people of color and serve as the mouth piece to the forces of reaction attempting to torpedo all the reforms we had hoped to achieve with the election of Barack Obama.

The time for change is now, as is the time to press on and isolate those against it. Athletes I’m confident many of you made the commitment to that change and worked very hard for it, and in that spirit I would like to invoke the example of these men




These men helped start the franchise in having a social consciousness from athletics please help continue their legacy. If asked reply

I'm not comfortable supporting an organization that promotes hate and dissension.

Here's the cue from the Big Dog.


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