Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday Night Rant

Some news broke a couple of days ago that brought back some unhappy memories. It can be difficult during the best of times to be a Black person in America, but there are others when it is brutal and frightening. There are times when you wonder if America, or at least its government actually does care about its’ non-white citizens.


Hurricane Katrina and what happened in the few weeks after certainly was one of those times. I remember the reports of looters, and rapist, and all manner of anti social off the reservation behavior and I screamed how could you to our media. Why can’t those people be brave and gallant survivors forced to fend for themselves in the face of an indifferent response to their human needs and suffering like I imagine would have happened had they been White. I railed who the entire hell are you calling a refugee?
This is our country refugees are those who are from another place and seek another country to start over in. We’re not Americans?

I didn’t have high speed internet service during the time of Katrina therefore I was pretty much at the whim of the MSM for information, but I knew there were failures, and I had seen reports of incidents of so called looters and others being shot and killed. I began to see precious clips shown once and forgotten about incidents like these illustrated here

however it wasn’t until watching Spike Lee’s joint that I was fully and finally inflamed.

Cut to the present and earlier this week where we come to find out that a certain Lt. Michael Lohman of the New Orleans police department has pleaded guilty to the crime of obstruction of justice. This evil ratfucking bastard manufactured evidence, helped cover up planted weapons, and generally helped at least 7 other police officers get away in the shootings of 6 and the murders of two men .

Mr. Lohman, however, admitted the civilians were unarmed and that at the scene he realized the officers' actions had not been justified. He then encouraged the officers to make up false stories to justify the shooting, his confession said. As supervisor of the incident's investigation, Mr. Lohman admitted to conspiring with the officers to cover-up the lies.

So, now we have some kernels of truth coming out, and what do we hear from the main stream media that had portrayed these incidents as Black crime? Crickets. Had these 6 people been white and gunned down by authority surely we would have had a question posed by intrepid press as to how and why White people got to be target dummies. Or how about the next question, how many people are currently rotting away inside a prison because of this lying sac o crap.

Can anyone remember any analog to this happening to white people, and I mean ever? I have to think Guthrie would have been cutting folk tunes devoted to them they would have had holidays. Oh, by the way those cops got off in state court. They were accused of murder, but they got off.

We have hordes of old angry white men they are calling teabaggers and what not and getting mass media respect, when I know those were the young white men who threw bricks and spit at my parents as they did their civil rights marching and people are mollycoddling their racist asses like they shouldn’t be straight condemned. I hear Thom Hartmann chasing after them everyday. Fuck them and their "populist" anger populist anger my black ass.

What are they mad at? Well Joseph Stack teabagger was mad that he had to pay his taxes, so he decided to drive his quarter million dollar plane into a building full of people and this attitude gets empathy from elected public officials and yet our citizens are gunned down by its civilian protectors, who then hatch a Hollywood movie plot to cover it up, and damn near got away with it with the main characters still to be prosecuted if at all and had I been without high speed internet I wouldn’t have known a thing about it.

Anyway I end my presentation with a song from my youth way back in those 80’s feels strangely relevant for 2010.

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