Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movie Memories from the Maryland Massacre

I’m still excited and buzzing over our President’s performance at the Republicans retreat yesterday. I’ve gone through it 3 times now and I’m struck by the movie analogies that stuck me after each viewing.

I saw it absolutely live and after the first showing I thought it was St. Crispins Day.

This is the band of brothers speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V. You know the story right? Well I posted this video in the Bernardpliers original diary and it elicited this comment by mrblifil that nicely summarized the day.

When he gives the Crispin speech every person on stage has reason to believe that they are going to be slaughtered, that they are losers. St. Crispin probably didn't even exist historically, and it wasn't a big famous holiday, just a run-of-the-mill day of feasting, probably not commonly observed by dirt poor soldiers, who had to scrounge every meal. It's like MacArthur trying to rally the troops in the Pacific by saying "today is Arbor Day."
But the brilliance of Henry is how he turns the expectations by saying that this day, that's not particularly noteworthy, will be famous in the future not because of the Saint it's named after, but because "we" are a band of brothers. The speech is also noteworthy in the character's development because it marks a continuation in Henry's Zen-like grasp of the world (similar to Hamlet's remark "the readiness is all") which slowly supplants his rigid Fundamentalist streak, another aspect to the play which I have never ever seen represented.

Kossacks it’s St. Crispins day. Those who do not have the belly for the fight we would gladly pay your way through the lines and back to safety. For those who would decry that supporters of the President and his and our agenda are too few I say I would rather stay and struggle against our foe with who is left.

Now after the second time through watching it all I could think was complete pwnage by the President he completely dominated the event

That’s right he drank their milkshake, ate their fried chicken and kissed their girlfriends too.

After the third time through I was completely impressed by our Presidents fearlessness and grasp of his craft. This man is a consummate politician. He is fierce Oh Dae-Su! Maybe NSFW ya’ll.

Anyway it’s Kos’ bandwidth and I at least still want to play. What movie scene did the Presidents encounter remind you of and why?

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