Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lying Ex-Police Officer Pleads Guilty in Katrina Shootings

On September 4, 2005 six days after Hurricane Katrina an incident occurred on the Danziger Bridge in New Orleans. Six Black residents who were crossing in search of food were brutally shot by police officers and two Ronald Madison, and James Brissette, were murdered. Yesterday 21-year veteran, police lieutenant, and lying sack o crap Michael Lohman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct justice. He and other as yet unidentified officers got together to lie about finding weapons on the victims, fabricate witness statements, and generally cover their ass after gunning down 6 innocent people.

In unsealing the case against Lohman, prosecutors drew a picture of how the shootings at the Danziger bridge immediately spawned a cover-up.
Lohman went to the scene and saw no weapons near or with the victims of the shooting, federal officials said, and concluded the shootings were not justified.
The documents allege Lohman and an unidentified investigator he supervised drafted different versions of false reports. Among the claims was a fabricated statement by one of the victims that she had seen her nephew and others firing guns on the bridge.
Federal officials say Lohman drafted his own 17-page false report after becoming dissatisfied that another investigator's false account was not logical.

Hey at least the got together to coordenate their lie.

"On several occasions in or about October 2005, defendant Lohman reviewed drafts of the false report written by the investigator and counseled the investigator on ways to make the story in the report sound more plausible," according to court documents.
When another investigator planned to plant a gun at the scene, Lohman just asked him if it was "clean," meaning it couldn't be traced, according to the documents.
The documents said Lohman also told the investigator to speak with each of the shooting officers to ensure they were "OK with" the false report and were willing to give statements consistent with it.
"It's pretty incredible stuff," said Gary Bizal, attorney for Jose Holmes, Jr., who was shot several times as he lay on the ground. "It's like a script from Hollywood."
As the investigation continues with Lohman's cooperation, officers for at least two other officers have identified their clients as targets.
"Now the government has a cooperating witness and it causes those officers to wonder if they should be running to the U.S. Attorney to look for a deal," Rosenberg said.

The Huffpo link to the above quoted material about the lying cop

I don’t recall seeing this story on our beloved MSM, but that’s not surprising. The narrative of Katrina and New Orleans was that its black residents were looting and shooting police. Now it appears it was about the opposite situation with the police shooting citizens then flat lying about it. What is it about the value of the lives of Black people that when initial reports of this incident and many others like it were first reported they were routinely dismissed? Dismissed like the initial charges in state court against this band of murderous scum. The Feds had to step in and break this case and thank the deities the Feds are now led by Barack Obama. For some reason I get the impression that had a Republican administration been in charge this incident of police murder of citizens like so many others in the past would have just fallen behind the blue wall.

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