Thursday, August 26, 2010

George Stephanopoulos replies to my e-mail he really is a TOOL!

The debate last week was a travesty. One of the ways I decided to speak up to that travesty was to go to Burbank and protest the evil mouse. Another way I decided to object was to send letters and e-mails to all the parties involved. It just so happens Little Man George has a MySpace account that he or one of his minions monitors.

I know I'm an old guy and MySpace is for kids, but I've really had fun with it. As I was steaming over the debate I decided to see if any of the principles had accounts I could e-mail as well. Turns our one did. The tiny terror. Georgie boy!

I wrote him this message.

You Political Hack You!

As I'm sure by the many thousands of communications you've received you are well aware America thinks you are a hack. Let me add my voice to that chorus. I listened to you take instruction from a Nazi sympathiser Sean Hannity. Talk about association.

I hope to see you no longer able to earn a living on public airwaves, and I hope I can influence as many of my friends as I can to join my crusade.

That someone or something returned my message is a credit to the cute little commentator and here is the reply.

I completely understand and respect your opinion.

I'm a political correspondant and analyist. I love the political process and I care very deeply about all the issues.

However, for a more issue oriented debate, I recommend you watch CNN or C-SPAN.

ABC deals more with behavioral and psychological debates.

Remember, ABC is the network that shows "Desperate Housewives.

" How indepth can we really get in a debate?

Thank you for your concern. It will be certainly be noted.

I'm going to put it out to you Kosians - how should I reply?

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